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Artur Jóskowiak

Artur Jóskowiak

Artur Jóskowiak - actor improviser, teacher, trainer of improvisation and business, comedian, announcer, graduate of Polish philology at the University of Wrocław, founder of the Theater Improvisation Improkracja. He conducts workshops in the theater of improvisation and improvisation in business. Improvised from trainers, from the USA, Austria, Great Britain, France, Israel, Argentina, and Slovenia. He has been involved in the scene since 2006.

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What can you learn from the actors - improvisers?

Workshop language: Polish

Lecture with elements of the workshop, during which the participants will learn how to improvise and build creativity, reflexes, cooperation, mindfulness skills and how to build a relationship with improvisation theater techniques. The theater of improvisation is the art of creating performances live without a script using the audience's suggestions. Preparatory training for such performances is a series of exercises for specific skills to facilitate the performance of such a performance.