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23-26 May, Monopolis Łódź, Poland

About The Event

About The Event

We welcome you to the beautiful city of Łódź, where the next Toastmasters Annual District 108 Conference will be held. This is the place where the leaders and speakers from Toastmasters can meet in person and exchange experiences, ideas and emotions.

Łódź you dare be there?


Monopolis, Łódź


Thursday to Sunday
23-26 May

Event Schedule

Here's what you can experience during the event.

Read the general plan for every day and start planning. What day are you going to arrive? When you'll be departing? If you'd like to spend some more time in Łódź, drop us a line. We'll be glad to have you there.

Arrival 🥳

Icebreaker sessions, experience Łódź

First conference day

Keynotes, workshops, contests.


Second conference day

Keynotes, workshops, contests.



Departure day ✈️

District Officer Training

Optional program

Event Venue

Event venue location info and gallery

ARTKOMBINAT Scena Monopolis

Located in the city's heart, ARTKOMBINAT Scena Monopolis is a theater stage that belongs to the Monopolis architectural complex. The Monopolis space is open and friendly to entire families. Lots of restaurants and beautiful sights will accompany you all the time.

Monopolis has won international architectural awards, including prestigious MIPIM AWARDS 2020 and PRIME PROPERTY PRIZE 2020.

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Conference Ticket
EUR 129

regular price

  • Full Conference Access (24-25 May)
  • 3 Conference Tracks
  • Icebreaking (23 May)
  • Afterparty (24 May)
  • Gift Pack

EUR 54

gala & afterparty

  • Saturday, 25 May, 2024 at 8:00 PM
  • District 108 Award Ceremony & Closing Show
  • Red Carpet & Black Ties
  • Dinner & Wine + Cash Bar
  • Afterparty with DJ