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Ryszard Kosowicz

Ryszard Kosowicz

Ryszard Kosowicz OM ACB ALB is a professional information logistics. He strategically combines communication in PR, marketing, sales or fundraising. At Toastmasters International for almost three years, almost from the beginning on the board, and currently serves as the Division 108D PR Manager. Fascinate of possibilities, carried by the crowdlearning method used in TMI, i.e. learning through the community.

The map of educational pathways, or how to strategically plan your own and others education, for example in Pathways

Strategic planning of education according to the model of three types of skills.

Workshop language: Polish

In our schools is present an educational model created by Mr. von Bismarck, focused on making all skills on the medium level. However, currently even soldiers or officials (for training which this model was created) must get far going specialization.

On the other hand, we have a model presented by the Gallup Institute focused on the maximum development of these skills for which we have the greatest predispositions. But what to do with base skills that are necessary and for which we do not have inborn predispositions? Currently on the implementation of Pathways, due to the very wide opportunities that are offered in them increases the necessity of planing an education path.

Similarly in professional development: you have to take decision which training to choose. This workshop is helping to prepare process of planning a professional education strategy, your own, mentee or other.

The workshop will present a model of three types skills. Each participant will prepare their own development plan in field of his choice. He'll implement the right skills into model, and indicating further levels of competence for them.

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