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Robertas Šunokas

Robertas Šunokas

Robertas Šunokas (also can write Šunokas) - fresh DTM from Baltics ;) Living in the Heart of Lithuania – Kaunas, 7 years before with group of 13 robust people he established “Toastmasters Kaunas” club and took VPE position. For 5 years was in a board of a club, then took Area director and later Division director positions. With Informatics education background now he works in Non Formal field as trainer, mentor and consultant on a field of topics – Self-development, Improvisation, Communication.

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EmoDyn - Emotional Dynamics

Workshop language: English

EmoDyn - Emotional Dynamics, it is a method which include Voice Variety, Body Language and Expression through Emotions we feel and share. It is practical workshop where we focus on main Emotions and how to Change them in normal +fast way. It goes in fun way doing interactive exercises, short and impromptu. Acting on stage, in pairs and in small groups. Emotion expression creates better contact with the audience and helps persuade people. “Destination” of workshop process – Your Story with at least 2 characters, which express 2-3 Emotions. Working in pairs your contributor will help You to try EmoDyn energetically. Such way you will “Write in a Muscle” experience how to determine, feel and express Emotions dynamically.