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Przemyslaw Kutnyj

Przemyslaw Kutnyj

A thoroughly experienced PR Manager, but above all public speaking trainer. He is also a story writer. He promotes classical rhetorical ideas, because he believes that Rhetoric serves as a great tool for propagating goodness, knowledge and wisdom. Good knowledge and wisdom full of knowledge as well. A hobbyist photographer of people, trees and most preferably people among the trees.

What do you know about public speaking? Secrets of the best speakers

Workshop language: Polish

What lies behind great speakers and successful speeches? What is the secret of fame and of the most powerful statements? Who are the best speakers? Are they simply good people or quite the opposite? Let’s have a look at some deciding factors of… eternity:

- What is more important: a premise or a proof? Why are “I had a dream” or “You are the salt of the earth” the phrases everybody has heard of?
- What makes a good premise achieve the rank of winged words?
- Is storytelling really that effective?
- Do great speeches change the world or only powder it?

After that workshop you will discover “mysterious” methods of Jobses of that world. You will realize the shallowness of seemingly “revolutionary” messages. You will discover where to find the real value of ( giving) speeches. You will get to know that – like in real life – it is you who has the greatest answers and that your greatest capital is not the number of books you’ve read, not the number of films you’ve watched, but your own mind and its content, its ability to think independently, to act independently (its ability to both think and act independently) like deciding about one of the most crucial thing: to speak or not to speak – that’s the rightest question!

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