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Paweł Bochnowski

Paweł Bochnowski

Paweł Bochnowski (ACB, ALB) – Toastmaster od lutego 2015 roku. Ekspert w zakresie wdrażania zmian i zarządzania projektami nie tylko w dużych korporacjach, ale również w startupach. Podczas warsztatów uwielbia dzielić się konkretnymi i sprawdzonymi przez siebie narzędziami.

Paweł Bochnowski (ACB, ALB) – Toastmaster since 02/2015. Change and Project Management Expert that works not only with huge corporates but also with start-ups. He provides workshops during which he loves to share his knowledge about specific tools and techniques that he uses himself effectively. Paweł has gained a lot of experience by working for multinational companies in banking, finance and energy sector. He currently is responsible for portfolio management in multinational environment in one of London City investment banks. In the meantime he shares his practical knowledge cooperating with local Polish companies and start-ups. He is strongly involved in developing the Project Managers community in Poland by cooperating with Project Management Institute and Project Management Magazine. He believes that Project Management skills are crucial for all professionals. That’s why he is active and shares his knowledge in several communities and organizations such as Toastmasters International, ASBIRO & FUAR. In his work he worships “Continuous Improvement” rule. Thanks to that during his workshops he shares with the audience current trends that he has implemented in his projects. Additionally, whenever he finds some time, he takes a role of MC during lacrosse games of his beloved team Kosynierzy Wroclaw.

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Beyond project Management

Speech language: Polish

Aware: The workshop is based on case studies and intensive work of the participants! It’s not recommended for people who would like to rest after integration events! This training session will cover to areas that go beyond of the classic definition and scope of Project Management. On the one hand, we are going to focus on question if project management is only tailored with professional live projects. May we use tools and technical skills learnt during managing projects in our personal lives? How can they help us manage our companies? How to use those skills as a rope to climb corporate ladder? On the other hand, we are going to discuss about Program and Portfolio Management areas of expertise. Are they connected to Project Management competencies? Can a great PM become a successful Program Manager? What skills do you need to create portfolio that will support your organisation and will be supported by your organisation? And finally, how those competences may help if even if you are not handling such complex issues in your professional life?