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Manoj Vasudevan

Manoj Vasudevan

Manoj Vasudevan is an internationally renowned Next Level Leadership Readiness Expert who helps executives and entrepreneurs to breakthrough to the next level of their career, business and life. Manoj is the author of the international bestseller Mastering Leadership The Mousetrap Way. He is the 2017 World Champion of Public Speaking and Founder of Thought Expressions.

Manoj Vasudevan

Manoj has spoken to audiences as big as 20,000 and to diverse groups comprising of individuals from 140 countries. Manoj holds an MBA from Imperial College London with over 20 years of leadership experience in strategy, management and technology with many major MNC clients in Asia, Australia, USA and Europe. As an expert in Next Level Leadership Readiness, he has coached C-Level executives, senior executives, bureaucrats, celebrities, UN diplomats, high-performance teams, high-potential employees and professionals constituting a clientele from 30 nationalities.

Manoj has been featured widely on international media including BBC, CNBC, Business Insider and world’s top-ranking book fairs. In 2017, he was featured among the top 50 World’s leading professional speakers at the International Speakers Summit.

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Leader by Design: How to become the leader others admire and follow

Speech language: English

Even if you are not a leader by birth, you can still become a leader by design through the 18 strategic steps that makes you the leader others admire and follow. In this engaging, entertaining and thought-provoking session you will learn to

  • Speed up your leadership journey with 18 strategic steps
  • Re-orient your leadership focus and those in your team
  • Enhance team work, ensures ownership and empower your team
  • Encourage your team to communicate, collaborate and connect with the big picture
  • Replace reckless competition with sustained collaboration in your team for optimal outputs
  • Increase productivity, introduce purpose and incentivise teamwork
Manoj Vasudevan


Making Your Masterpiece: How to convert ordinary experiences into extraordinary stories

Many aspiring speakers complain that they do not have extraordinary stories to tell. What if you could learn a proven way to craft extraordinary stories based on your own experiences? How can you make your masterpiece like a World Class speaker? One of the secrets of World Class speakers is that they know how to convert ordinary experiences into extraordinary stories. In this master class you, will pick up tips, tools and techniques that will help you to

  • Excavate your own unique experiences
  • Craft stories that captivate your listener’s attention
  • Make your story ready for a diverse international audience
  • Build your ready-to-use story collection