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Kacper Biłozor

Speech Analysis in Real–Time

Workshop language: English

Giving speeches on a regular basis is just not enough.

In order to develop one’s full potential, one needs to ask for, receive, and apply feedback. This is why speech evaluation is the cornerstone of the Toastmasters experience. The unfortunate reality is that evaluators either deliver mostly praise with few meaningful suggestions or they provide the speaker with of a multitude of minor hacks and tweaks. This leaves the guests and audiences confused as to the true value of the speech and the speaker unmotivated to rethink his or hers approach to speech building.

So, how can we become better speakers and evaluators?

By watching and learning from TED Talks! So, drop your manuals, handbooks, and evaluation sheets. And get ready for some serious speech analysis.

The good news is: this can be done by sitting down at home with a cup of your favourite beverage, turning on YouTube, and analysing speeches that inspire audiences around the world. Simply put, maximum progress with minimal cost (just your time!), without any meetings to attend to, and without the hassle of finding a good and experienced speech evaluator. On the 10th of May 2019 join me in Wrocław on the journey of becoming a better speaker and better evaluator, as we will analyse a TEDx speech... in real-time.

Kacper Biłozor

Kacper Biłozor is a professional public speaking coach. He trains middle and senior management, software developers, creative employees, and businessmen to speak in public, on small and large stages, both in Polish and in English. He conducts workshops and individual sessions, during which he takes his clients from audience analysis and choosing the subject, through writing, selection of rhetorical devices, voice, body language, and stage movement preparation to the rehearsal on the day of the event.

He spoke at the European Parliament, at the Column Hall of Poland’s Parliament, and prepared fifty start-up owners from all over Europe to pitch to three hundred investors and business angels during the EUTop50 2017.

Kacper is a member of Toastmasters since 2014. He is the co-founder of “POZnaj Toastmasters”, where he was president and vice president of public relations. He’s a two-time European Championships' finalist in the humorous speeches competition, European Championships' finalist in the inspirational speeches competition, Poland's National champion in the impromptu speeches competition and Poland's National runner-up in the speech evaluation competition.