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Florian Bay

Florian Bay

Florian joined Toastmasters in 2013, founded London Victorians in 2014 which subsequently became one of London's most acclaimed club with 60+ members and and became a DTM in 2016. He currently serves as Program Quality Director for District 91 UK South. In this role he helps and supports clubs in achieving excellence via targeted initiatives, training of 50+ District leaders and training of 1,000+ club officers all over the District. Last year he served as Club Growth Director where he introduced the now widely imitated “pizza challenge” for membership renewals, the Open-house initiative and detailed strategic plans to support club growth and excellence.

He enjoys Toastmasters leadership as it provides so many opportunities to grow while building an organisation and helping others at the same time. His professional background is in nuclear energy and his experience spans nuclear operations to corporate strategy and communications. He holds a Public Speaking Diploma from the UK's New Era Academy and recently launched his own business, The Academy of Rhetoric to equip professionals from technical fields with effective communication skills to become leaders in their field.

The Hydraulics of Club Excellence

Workshop language: English

What do Toastmasters clubs and water have in common? A lot more than you think, as the journey of a typical Toastmasters member in many ways mimics the journey of water from a tap to a bottle or from a spring to the ocean.

During this interactive and fun workshop, we will explore the following topics:
• Why growth nearly always determines the health and success of a Toastmasters club.
• What simple actions clubs can take to raise their marketing profile.
• What are the key steps and bottlenecks in gaining and retaining members.
• How situational awareness can help club leaders in making more effective decisions to better support club members.
• How club leaders can work as one united leadership team to best recruit and support new members.

Florian Bay