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Bastian Küntzel

Bastian Küntzel

Bastian Küntzel is a Learning Experience Designer and Story-Maker, a Facilitator, and a Learning Companion. He is a father, a partner, a friend and a cook. Bastian’s work lives at the intersection of Culture, Communication and Leadership. He runs intercultural trainings, facilitates management retreats, designs conference programmes and teaches at different Universities. He is the author of “The Learner’s Journey: How to use Storytelling as a Design Principle to create powerful Learning Experiences”.

The Learner’s Journey

Workshop language: English

Humans experience themselves as the protagonists of a story they continuously tell about themselves and their world. Identity can be thought of as a ‘mythology of self’, where each experience that has shaped us is filed a way as a story worth telling and retelling. As facilitators we can design and structure our courses, interventions, inputs, in short: learning experiences, in a way that harnesses the momentum generated by a good story. The theories and insights of how good stories are built as incredibly effective as design principles for Learning Experience Design. Story-making, instead of story-telling, with the learners as the protagonists.